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Daphne Karreman has successfully defended her thesis

Yesterday, 14 September 2016, Daphne Karreman from the UT successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Beyond R2D2: The design of nonverbal interaction behavior optimised for robot-specific morphologies“.

One of the members of the PhD graduation committee was unable to attend in person but participated via Skype.



During the party that evening   – with a little help from her colleagues – Daphne took us on a guided tour down memory lane. Video-messages of congratulations went sent by the FROG partners.

The Fantastic Daphne …
… with snorkel!

Final Review in Seville

The FROG consortium will be at the Royal Alcázar in Seville from 17 till 21 November 2014.

We have been busy finishing our reports and now the EU representative and two independent reviewers (both researchers with a lot of experience with robots) will come to see if we have done our work properly.

This is a very serious event – somewhere between a tough audit and an excellent masterclass for the researchers.

FROG will be put through its paces … Looking for interested visitors!


Hidden meaning or just great design?

How about this for an emblem? It looks great on the FROG polos.

FROG polo, modelled by Paulo
FROG polo, modelled by Paulo

The emblem printed on the polos is actually a reversed version of the docking target. It is a set of ArUco markers that just happen to say FROG – though it probably took Fernando Caballero quite some time to find them.  UPO uses this ArUco marker to align the FROG to its charger during the docking procedure.


protoFROG at a standstill at Hannover Messe

photo 1


The UT Campus robot is having some problems at the Hannover Messe. On the first day it drove around until lunchtime but now protoFROG is at a standstill. This is an outdoor robot with a lot of traction power and the loose-laid carpet is causing the motors to overheat during rotation. Although, by the look of it there is not always that much room to manoeuvre, anyway.

The FROG robot was defined to run outdoors, specifically for the EU project in the Lisbon Zoo and in the Royal Alcázar in Sevilla. As the robot must not only navigate the various terrains at these sites but also be able to turn on the spot the project has been having some difficulties with their choice of tires. What would you choose for a  100 kilo robot that has to handle clean-swept tarmac and paving, either of which may later be strewn with olive stones from the trees. This is the terrain in the Lisbon zoo – and the robots mission also includes some inclines and ramps. Then move the same robot to Sevilla where it has to go from neat paved courtyards onto tiled or marble floors.

And in the past two weeks, protoFROG has had to cope with gravel strewn tarmac, TV studios, and now, loose-laid carpet. That’s a lot to deal with for a prototype.

photo 2

photo-ina-photo 4

preparing the Campus robot
preparing the Campus robot

All this week João Freire from IDMind has been working on the protoFROG Campus robot here at the University of Twente. His colleagues, Carlos Marques and André Almeida can be seen in the laptop screen. They were working from Lisbon via Skype to get the content that was prepared by the Marketing & Communications  department of the university for the Royal opening of the Gallery.

waving the Dutch flag
waving the Dutch flag